2Bad single – Lyrickal – free music download

If you like Omar, you’ll love this free two-stepper from London soul man Lyrickal

“Doom da da dah dah da-da daah doom, doom da da dah dah da-da daah doom” — that, if you’re unsure, is a rather poor attempt at rekindling memories from the summer of 1990 when Omar (Lye-Fook)’s There’s Nothing Like This wafted from sun-soaked speakers across the globe.

For those who still get all gooey just thinking about that track, you’ll be rocking your derriere to 2Bad, a smooth two-stepper from London singer Lyrickal.

Like Omar’s anthem, 2Bad is a simple, soulful tune that’ll prove the perfect accompaniment to breezy, balmy nights.

If you like the song, click the “Download” text (on this page). And there’s more where that came from — Lyrickal is currently recording his debut album.

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