3 Years Of Soulection compilation – free music download

Download this free 32-track compilation from a California-based record label that’s celebrating three years of spreading soulful sounds

3_years_of_soulection_albumLA-based record label Soulection celebrates its three-year anniversary with a free compilation. The selection reflects the collective’s soulful take on electronica, hip hop and dance beats.

Highlights include the lo-fi neo soul of Stiller See featuring Soia, the shuffling dancefloor rhythms of Nangdo’s Hear What and the midtempo jams of Sivey’s Cause And Effect and Way I Feel by Atu. If none those tracks get your head nodding, there are another 28 to choose from.

Judging from the quality of the three songs on this page, the Soulection label will easily last another three years. Visit Soulection’s Bandcamp page, where you can hear the rest of the album and download it. Enjoy.

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Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie’s Stiller See

Atu’s Way I Feel

Sivey’s Cause And Effect



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