4hero presents EXTENSIONS – various artists (4hero)

When an artist records someone else’s song in the pop world, it’s called a “cover”; the same thing in dance circles is a “remix”. Now, judging by this release, there’s a third category: an “extension”. Strictly speaking, it’s neither a cover nor a remix because the original artists — in this case, Marc Mac and Dego — play a crucial role in “recording, mixing and co producing tracks”. The result is a CD that sounds remarkably like an original 4hero album. Except it isn’t.

“Reinterpreters”, such as Nu Tropic and Sub Ensemble, re-recorded 4hero tracks under the duo’s guiding hands. The songs thus sound both fresh and familiar. 4hero‘s trademark strings envelop Sonar Kollektiv Orchester’s version of Universal Love, but a less recognisable Latin feel is introduced by Christian Prommers on the exquisite Planeteria.

Ayanna Witter-Johnson’s sombre rendition of Give In may not quite come off, but Robert Mitchell 3io’s straight-ahead treatment of Third Stream certainly does — and proves that, like a good remix or cover, an “extension” can expand musical horizons.

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Album sample

Robert Mitchell 3io’s live straight-ahead version of Third Stream by 4hero

Track listing
1. Universal Love – Sonar Kollektiv Orchester
2. Why Don’t You Talk? – Nu Tropic
3. Conceptions – The Landau Orchestra
4. Planetaria – Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson
5. Third Stream – Robert Mitchell 3io
6. Give In – Ayanna Witter-Johnson
7. Blank Cells – Luke Parkhouse with The Sharkfood Orchestra
8. Sophia – Christian Badzura &
Liverpool Session Orchestra
9. Cosmic Tree – Andre Zimma Vs Ye:Solar feat. Oezlem
10. People Always Criticise Us – Vince Vella’s Cuban Collective
11. Humans – The Sub Ensemble
12. Star Chasers – [re:jazz]
13. Sophia (No Drums, No Bass) – Christian Badzura & Liverpool Session Orchestra



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