Beyondjazz Vol 4

Beyondjazz Vol. 4 album preview – various artists

Previewing the fourth nu jazz compilation from pioneering podcasters Beyondjazz

Unless you’re a jazz virgin, a hermit, or both, you’ll know that Beyondjazz is the home of one of the best nu jazz podcasts on the web. The Beyondjazz crew, comprising Lensco, Oemebamo and Creaminal, also releases compilations. Four years after Vol 3, the trio has compiled — appropriately enough — Beyondjazz Vol. 4.

It comprises 13 tracks that reflect the kind of music that underpins a podcast series that has broadcast more than 400 episodes.

If you enjoy the assorted selection of songs on this page, look out for Beyondjazz Vol. 4 that’s scheduled for release in late March 2011.

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