Blakai (Mark Force/Kaidi Tatham) mix

Fans of soulful house and broken beats will love Mark Force’s five-track promo mix of unreleased Blakai cuts

mark_force_logoTwo former Bugz In The Attic members Mark Force and Kaidi Tatham occasionally produce music under the moniker Blakai and since 2008 there’s been talk of a Blakai album. In fact, look hard enough on the internet and there’s a 2006 Idleberg video showing the pair in the studio fine-tuning a song featuring Silhouette Brown’s Lady Alma.

For the past four years, intermittent Blakai tracks and mixes have been released, but no official LP has been forthcoming. However, that might be about to change, judging from the increased frequency of teasers put out by Mark Force. Among those musical morsels is this five-track promo mix featuring Lady Alma and Matt Lord.

’tis a real mystery why no one has released this music.

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Blakai five-track mix
Mark Force