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The Broadcite crew is a resourceful bunch that isn’t afraid to take risks. Years ago, when the collective set out to attract clubbers to its new broken-beat gigs, it didn’t hand out cheap flyers. Instead, it gambled by giving away pricier CDs that contained recordings of the fledgling night’s music. Likewise, when the gang launched its website, looked like no other; it boasted a snazzy layout that revolved around an interactive high street. And now the gang has released Broadcite Acetate, a gritty collection of club-orientated cuts. The album fittingly begins with its best track, Pride Only Hurts, a thumping instrumental by Altered Native that captures the spirit of Broadcite’s long-running club sessions. But the trouble with starting with such a strong song is that the remaining tunes have a lot to live up to — and none quite tops the show-stopping opener. Close runners-up include Feel The Rush by Ceramic and Souled’s Waiting. Now, these producers could’ve played it safe with a more humdrum selection — adding some catchy house numbers, for instance — but that’s not what they do. Fusing genres and taking chances are part of their DNA — and that’s what we love about Broadcite.

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