Broken Vibes – The Secret Story Of Magneto – documentary

After almost a decade of waiting, bruk fans can enjoy a film about west London’s once-fertile broken beat scene

Back in 2006, under the moniker Urban Vibes, a trailer was released by French director Arthur Borgnis about a documentary on the west London broken beat scene.

It created a mini stir and then disappeared without trace. Almost a decade later, Urban Vibes is now entitled Broken Vibes and can be rented on streaming site Vimeo.

It features many of the scene’s early movers and shakers, including IG Culture, Afronaught, DJ Gilles Peterson, the Bugz In The Attic crew, Jazzanova, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Domu and Ty.

Rent it from the Broken Vibes Vimeo site here.

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