Brownswood Bubblers Ten preview – various artists (Gilles Peterson)

The compilation series that shone a spotlight on the likes of Taylor McFerrin and José James returns with a tenth album


Brownswood Recordings is the label of Gilles Peterson and its output reflects the tastes of the London-based DJ who specialises in all things jazz related. He broadcasts to an enrapt audience throughout the UK and via pre-recorded shows on his website. And Brownswood Bubblers Ten, which comprises tracks by artists lurking beneath the musical radar, is aimed squarely at his listeners.

In a scene so fragmented by genres, formats and budgets, the series has done an admirable job in grouping songs from around the globe that share a similar ethos even if, at first, they appear disparate and unrelated in styles.

Tracks from this album span the somewhat sumptuous nu soul of Goodnight by Denmark’s Philip Owusu to Brazil’s João Sobral, who supplies the mid-tempo bossa Meio Nublado.

Brownswood Bubblers Ten is out August 19, 2013 on iTunes (and many other retailers).

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Samples from Brownswood Bubblers Ten
Track listing
1. Philip Owusu – Goodnight
2. Reginald Omas Mamode IVth – Do You?
3. Tuesday Born – Sleep With Stars
4. Nia Andrews – Notes On A History
5. The Memory Band – When I Was On Horseback
6. Dean Blunt – Flaxen
7. ESKA – Gatekeeper
8. Blludd Relations – Even Steven
9. Paul Hill – Need Me Some U
10. Bambooman – Sun (Eckoclick remix)
11. Werkha feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Sidesteppin’
12. João Sobral – Meio Nublado
13. Contact Field Orchestra – In The Cave
14. William Adamson – Burial Blues Revenge
15. Oscar + Martin – Recognise
16. Grandbrothers – Ezra Was Right



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