Bruk Foot mix by Jayson Wynters (SOULfisticated) – free music download

Download the best broken beat mix of the year (so far), courtesy of UK DJ Jayson Wynters

bruk_foot_mixThere are a lot of mixes uploaded to the internet and, to be honest, most aren’t great, but occasionally there’s one that warrants attention. Jayson Wynters’ ‘Bruk Foot’ mix falls into that category.

Anyone who’s a fan of broken beat exponents such as Kaidi Tatham, Dego, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Jazzanova and Zed Bias will love this mid-tempo jaunt that runs to more than an hour.

Aside from broken beats, Midlands-based Jayson has a fondness for soulful house, neo soul and the jazzy hip-hop samples of the late J. Dilla. All this can be heard at his Soundcloud page.

Download his ‘Bruk Foot’ mix here and contact Jayson for deejaying duties at

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‘Bruk Foot’ mix by Jayson Wynters



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