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Carmen album – Cy Gorman

Cy Gorman’s jazzy Carmen album is DJ Ennio Styles’ first solo-artist release on his Heard and Felt label

Cy Gorman Carmen albumAussie tastemaker and DJ Ennio Styles has had some considerable success with his Stylin’ 500 and Stylin’ 600 compilations, but Cy Gorman’s Carmen is Mr Styles’ first solo-artist release on his Heard and Felt label.

Like Mr Styles, Gorman hails from Melbourne and is a highly proficient producer, pianist, saxophonist and vocalist.

Highlights on Carmen include funky opener Cool Change, the laid-back jazzy instrumental RDJ and its Latin-tinged remix by US keyboardist Daniel Crawford. For fans of Dorian Concept, there’s also the quirky electronica of Carmen San Diego.

Carmen can be bought on limited-edition vinyl or as a digital download via Heard and Felt’s Bandcamp page.

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Cool ChangeRDJRDJ (Daniel Crawford remix)
1. Cool Change (feat. Will Poskitt)
2. Carmen’s Prelude
3. Carmen San Diego
4. RDJ
5. The Diving Bell
6. The Wishing Well (feat. Gian Slater)
7. Busy Bee
8. Far Away
9. RDJ (Daniel Crawford remix)



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