Dâm-Funk – free music download

Free track with an ’80s feel from a Los Angeles resident with a penchant for synth-layered boogie funk

The ’60s and ’70s have already been revived by canny music labels, so it was only a matter of time before the ’80s got in on the act. Leading the charge is Los Angeles resident Dâm-Funk (pronounced “Dame”). His synth-layered “boogie funk” tracks have been creating quite a stir among several DJs, with the UK’s Benji B being a particularly vocal champion.

To hear what the fuss is all about, download and listen to an (unmastered) single created by Mr Funk.

If you like what you hear, check out his debut album Toeachizown (Stones Throw Records). It comes in a five-LP boxset or you can opt for the more modern double-disc CD package. Let the memories flood back.

Pic caption: Mathew Scott
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Do U Feel The Same Way I Do



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