Everybody Street documentary – Cheryl Dunn

Fashion blogs like The Sartorialist wouldn’t exist without the groundwork laid by the pioneering photographers showcased in Cheryl Dunn’s new documentary

Cheryl Dunn’s documentary Everybody Street started life as a short film commissioned by Manhattan’s Seaport Museum. Its subject was the late Alfred Stieglitz, a man widely credited as the godfather of street photography. However, the filmmaker’s short movie soon mushroomed into a Kickstarter-funded feature-length documentary spanning many of the current heavy hitters of New York’s photography world.

Dunn, who’s also a photographer, talks to fellow exponents of the art such as Mary Ellen Mark, Rebecca Lepkoff and Bruce Davidson, as they ply their trade on the streets of the Big Apple. Anecdotes uncovered include tips on befriending Brooklyn gangs, although its best nugget of advice may well come courtesy of Ricky Powell. To fledging photographers, he warns: “Don’t get fuckin’ snotty, don’t get arrogant. Stay humble and be careful of perpetrators.”

Although the documentary is complete, a distribution deal hasn’t yet been nailed down. However, judging from the trailer (above), Everybody Street should be snapped up soon.

Photos by photographers featured in Everybody Street



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