The Pursuit Of Happyness movie review

This rag-to-riches tale (vaguely “inspired by a true story”) features an unexpectedly sensitive (and Oscar-nominated) turn by Will Smith who plays a struggling salesman of bone-density scanners, a near-defunct device that no right-thinking medic wants. That, unfortunately, is only the start of his woes after his wife (Thandie Newton) leaves him with mounting debts and a young son. But does he crumble? Oh no. Exhibiting a can-do attitude that’s rarely seen outside a self-help seminar, he paces the streets of San Francisco, while juggling childrearing and job hunting. It’s a plucky yarn that’s suppose to make you feel pumped-up and cheery, but instead you’re left questioning the cutthroat culture our hero is trying to overcome.

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Year/cert 2006, 12
Genre “Factual” drama
Director Gabriele Muccino
Stars Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Thandie Newton
Website The Pursuit Of Happyness