Heroine single – Wildcookie – free music download

The free neo soul track Heroine gives you a taste of Wildcookie’s new album Cookie Dough

Wildcookie is giving away Heroine, a free track from the outfit’s rather soulful album, Cookie Dough. For those wondering who the hell Wildcookie is, it’s a Swedish-based duo comprising DJ producer Freddie Cruger (aka Red Astaire) and vocalist Anthony Mills.

Freddie Cruger — not to be confused with the A Nightmare On Elm Street monster, Freddy Krueger — released the now rare Drugs EP in 2009, which featured the lilting rhythms of Serious Drugs. Cruger’s writing partner is Anthony Mills, a seasoned singer who’s recorded with the likes of rapper KRS-One and songstresses Amy Winehouse and Leela James.

To download Heroine, just click on the “Download” text (on this page).

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