Hyper Reality album review – Clyde

The Encyclopaedia Britannica says “funk defies literal definition”. Damn right it defies literal definition. What on earth is “funky”? Are any of those “funky house” tracks truly funky — ie, exhibiting that unmistakable marriage of bass and beats that propels heads to nod. Those are scarce.

In fact if you want remarkable funk, head to the unremarkable English city of Derby where Clyde, aka Clive Astin, resides. His track Serve It Up is outrageously funky. You’d have to be in a coma not to rock your head to this tremendous tune that features the laid-back rap of San Francisco’s Capitol A. And there are many other up-tempo corkers that will elicit a similar finger-snapping response. 

Roll Of The BeastBroken Slang and Gedaroom will all send booties a-shaking, such are their infectious rhythms. But before you whip out your flares, understand that Clyde’s sound is a contemporary one. Amid the catchy grooves are elements of hip hop, soul and a hint of house. Combined with Clyde’s knack of fusing fulsome basslines with beguiling beats and you have a rare phenomenon: a dance album that’s genuinely funky.

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