Jawbone Jambox – wireless Bluetooth speaker

Headset-manufacturer Jawbone releases the Jambox, a cute wireless speaker that doubles as a speakerphone

Price: approx. $199.00 (£160.00)

Aliph, a company better known for its Bluetooth headsets, has expanded into the audio world. Its Jawbone Jambox is a compact speaker designed by Yves Béhar, founder of the acclaimed San Francisco-based branding firm Fuseproject.

The Jawbone Jambox works with any Bluetooth-enabled device, although its cute appearance suggests Aliph is targeting Apple followers. This rectangular box not only plays audio wirelessly, but, true to Aliph’s main business, it doubles as a speakerphone. So, for example, if you’re listening to tunes transmitted from your iPhone and someone calls, you’re able to chat without having to find your mobile.

This rectangular box not only plays audio wirelessly, but doubles as a speakerphone

Judging from some reviews, Aliph has managed to eke out decent audio from the Jambox’s trim dimensions. CNET reckons it sounds “impressive for the size”, while Macworld says “audio is clear and distortion free”. The Jawbone Jambox is currently $199 (£160) — surely a small price to pay for such convenience?

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