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Love Can Prevail album – Electric Wire Hustle

New Zealand outfit Electric Wire Hustle returns with Love Can Prevail, an exceedingly soulful sophomore album

Electric Wire Hustle Love Can Prevail albumBack in 2009, New Zealand outfit Electric Wire Hustle arrived on the scene with the amazing pared-down funk of Perception. This was followed by a self-titled debut album that included Experience, Chaser and They Don’t Want. Fans of the latter two tracks, which owe much to the sonic palettes of’70s Marvin Gaye (and a hint of Motown), will relish Love Can Prevail.

On this sophomore outing, songs like Look In The Sky and To See You Again clearly evoke the spirit of Gaye et al, although there’s always been a strong strand of risk-taking in EWH’s work, as revealed by tracks like The Spirit, with its fabulously disjointed bass hook.

Hear the entire album here, before heading to the Somethinksounds label’s Bandcamp page, where you can download Love Can Prevail or order the album on vinyl.

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Electric Wire Hustle’s Love Can Prevail album
Love Can Prevail track listing
1 If These Are The Last Days
2 Loveless
3 By & Bye
4 Bottom Line
5 The Spirit
6 Look In The Sky
7 Light Goes A Long Way
8 To See You Again
9 Blackwater
10 Numbers And Steel



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