Lovestep Vol. 1 EP – Daz-I-Kue

Former Bugz in the Attic Daz-I-Kue releases a dub-infused EP five years after the collective’s final release


The last Bugz in the Attic release was in 2009 (Got The Bug 2: Bugz In The Attic Remixes Collection Pt II) and that was a compilation. In truth, the west London collective had disbanded long before, with Kaidi Tatham heading to Northern Ireland and Daz-I-Kue States bound.

Not all the Bugz continued to make music, so it’s heartening to hear Lovestep Vol. 1, Daz-I-Kue’s new three-track EP.

As you’ll hear from the songs on this page, the EP leans more towards dubstep and reggae than the broken beat sounds that catapulted Daz-I-Kue et al into the spotlight. That’s not surprising as, according to his press release, Daz-I-Kue “refuses to be boxed in about his musical choices”.

Lovestep Vol. 1 can be downloaded from I-Kue Recording Bandcamp page and all good digital stores from 5 April 2014.

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Lovestep Vol. 1 EP
Lovestep Vol. 1 track listing
1. Lovestep Theme
2. Black Ice
3. Love Sum
4. Lovestep Theme (Bass House Mix)