Masterpiece album review – various artists (Gilles Peterson)

Among jazz/nu jazz DJs, Peterson is perhaps the most recognizable on the planet, which means you’ve probably heard him deejay. Not only does busy Peterson broadcast from the UK’s second most popular station, Radio 1, but he has syndicated shows in Japan and Europe.

But if for some baffling reason you’ve never heard a Peterson set, listen to Masterpiece — a three-disc compilation that features an eclectic selection of nu jazz, dubstep, house and electronica (well, on the first two CDs, at least). No matter what genre is on display — and there are a plethora of styles here — Gilles’ penchant for soulful and jazzy melodies is ever present. So on disc one he chooses to deftly merge the Soulphiction remix of Roman Rauch’s Can’t Get Enough with Bassfort’s rhythmic electronica of Moon Shadow.

This stylistic leaning resumes with disc two, where the BPM drops. And for the finalé, disc three reflects the unmistakable roots of all those previous tracks. Thus it begins with seminal jazz-funkers Incognito and continues with the likes of soul-jazzer Roy Ayers, groovy songstress Teena Marie and Acid Jazzers Young Disciples (who, incidentally, were signed to Gilles’ Tallkin’ Loud label in the ’90s). Many tracks from the final disc are already certified masterpieces and in years to come, some of Gilles’ newer picks will no doubt be revered, too.

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