Mood Swings album/free music download – Soia

Soia’s new album Mood Swings reflects what happens when a biotechnologist hooks up with a music producer – a nu soulful concoction

mood_swingsSoia, aka Sophia Hagen, is a Taiwan-born, Vienna-based singer who has forged a fruitful partnership with fellow Vienna-based producer Mez (Daniele Zipin).

Soia’s background apparently involves advanced studies in biotechnology, while Mez is currently studying piano at the Vienna Jazz Conservatory. Through years of experimentation, the pair have arrived at a rich, organic sound that blends nu soul with subtle hip hop beats. (In fact, the duo’s grooves aren’t dissimilar to those produced by Sweden’s Kissey Asplund.)

Below is Soia’s video Voice, a song taken from her new eight-track album Mood Swings. You can also download Soia’s Peebles here, a free track not on the album.

Mood Swings is available in digital download from retailers, including Soia’s label Record Breakin’ Music, Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Album stream of Mood Swings by Soia
Free download of Peebles by Soia



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