Maxine Ashley

Mood Swings EP – Maxine Ashley – free music download

Download Maxine Ashley’s free EP, which includes a delightful Pharrell-produced track and an intriguing Portishead cover


Two years from now, Maxine Ashley will no doubt be perched in the front rows of countless fashion shows and striking ‘fierce’ poses at the Grammys. That’s because there seems to be much moolah swashing around her.

None other than Pharrell Williams produced Perpetual Nights from her free Mood Swings EP. And Pharrell’s services don’t come cheap. You can spot him (complete with his famed Vivienne Westwood mountie hat) in the track’s accompanying video (below).

So before Maxine becomes a household name, take a moment to listen to her EP, which contains several decent tracks, the best of which is Perpetual Nights. Other highlights include Maxine’s cover of Portishead’s Glory Box and the deep house stomper Here We Are. You can download the EP here.

For a “soulful and sassy 20-year-old misfit” – which is how her PR describes her – Maxine hasn’t done badly so far. And you can bet we haven’t heard the last of her.

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Maxine Ashley’s Mood Swings EP
(Highlights are Perpetual Nights, Glory Box and Here We Are)
Maxine Ashley