New York Bike Style book – Sam Polcer

Browse New York Bike Style, a coffee-table book by street photographer Sam Polcer, which portrays a wide selection of eye-catching cyclists who make up the city’s two-wheeled tribe

Not too long ago, cycling was a niche activity, reserved for skinny couriers, zealous hobbyists and fitness fanatics. Not any more. With city transport increasingly costly and clogged up, not to mention a vague official acknowledgement of how polluting vehicle fumes can be, cycling is becoming mainstream.
So popular in fact that New York-based street photographer Sam Polcer has expended considerable energy chronicling this roving subculture.

In his book, New York Bike Style, the Brooklyn-based communications manager for Bike New York has scoured the Big Apple to find subjects that reflect the multitude of styles and tribes that comprise the city’s cyclists.

Everyone from Brooklyn hipsters to Manhattan fashionistas are covered in this colourful tome. Above is a selection of photographs from the 224-page book, all of which can also be found at Polcer’s blog

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