Nobody video – Moonchild

Vocalist Amber mingles among Europe’s unsuspecting folk as she unveils Moonchild’s breezy brand of neo soul

None other than Jill Scott tweeted this video, which could be mistaken for a travel ad from the European Tourist Board. Here, Moonchild’s vocalist Amber Navran racks up the air miles, as she cheerfully serenades us in Holland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Latvia and Switzerland.

But this trio aren’t lauded by such neo-soul royalty because they’re well travelled. Oh no, it’s down to their breezy brand of neo soul that’s as beguiling as the landscapes and vistas depicted above.

Nobody can be found on Moonchild’s forthcoming album Please Rewind, which is in stores from 25 March 2014. Buy it from iTunes, Bandcamp and no doubt several European stores, too.

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