Play EP by Uhmeer – free music download

Son of DJ Jazzy Jeff creates a slick hip-hop EP of soulful samples and scatter-shot rap

Play EP UhmeerSometimes giving away music is the best way for an artist to get noticed. Even esteemed DJ Jazzy Jeff has offered free downloads — and he’s had scores of hits with the likes of Will Smith and Jill Scott.

Back in 2011, Mr Jeff released Ayah’s Back For More, a splendid free album that was indistinguishable from a commercial release. And that high standard continues with his son’s 2018 EP Play, which dad produced.

On the superb Untitled, a gorgeous George Benson sample glides beneath Uhmeer’s scatter-shot rap. Bounce, meanwhile, does what it says on the tin, jumping alongside Maiya Blaney airy vocals.

On this page are two tracks from the EP, which can be downloaded at Uhmeer’s Bandcamp page.

Uhmeer describes Play as “a conversation I’m having with my father through music” — a dialogue that has indeed had a fruitful outcome. Let’s hope the father-son chats continue.

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Bounce ft. Maiya Blaney
Track listing
1. Bounce ft. Maiya Blaney
2. Untitled
3. Trust Where
4. Middle Fingers
5. Gossip ft. Dayne Jordan
6. Bag Boyz ft. Dayne Jordan