Prologue Vol. II EP – Aaron Abernathy – free music download

Download this free seven-track neo-soul EP from former Slum Village musical director Aaron Abernathy

prologue_vol_IID’Angelo, the godfather of neo soul, hasn’t released an album since 2000. That leaves a lot of room for others to fill the musical void. And Cleveland native Aaron Abernathy is doing just that. His new free seven-track EP Prologue Vol. II shares D’Angelo’s penchant for gospel-tinged harmonies and will sate the appetite of those waiting for D’Angelo to drop another release.7

But who is Abernathy? Well, he was Slum Village’s musical director from 2005-2010. During this time, he revamped the jazzy hip-hoper’s on-stage performance, transforming a DJ-turntable affair into an event backed by live musicians.

Prologue Vol. II is arguably the best free EP since …just visiting too by Zo!, (who, incidentally, has since signed to Foreign Exchange). If you like Prologue Vol. II, you won’t be surprised to hear Abernathy also produced a Prologue Vol. I.

Prologue Vol. II can be downloaded here, while Prologue Vol. I is available here. Enjoy.

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Prologue Vol. II EP by Aaron Abernathy
Aaron Abernathy

Prologue Vol. I by Aaron Abernathy



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