Shapes 10:02 album review – various artists (Robert Luis)

With recession gripping the globe, less music is being released and of the albums that do reach our shelves, most are creatively bankrupt. However one label whose stock is rising is Tru Thoughts. Its valuable assets includes acts like Maddslinky, Quantic and Hidden Orchestra, all of which have attracted positive press.

Diversification also contributes to this label’s success. The 30 tracks on this double CD span a multitude of genres: dub, reggae, soul, afrobeat, Latin jazz, acid jazz and assorted flavours of electronica.

Some stuff’s familiar, such as the cinematic soundscapes of Hidden Orchestra and the delightfully twisted Further Away by Maddslinky. But like any good compilation there’s much exotic fare, too, including the synthesized minimalism of Lanu’s Jean Paul and the charming dub version of the Dr Who theme.

By including catchy curios beside quality cuts, Shapes 10:02 reflects the sort of enterprising thinking that’s paying dividends for Tru Thoughts.

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