Simplify Rootickal Re Twist Omar

Simplify (Rootickal Re Twist) – Omar

Shimmy up to a loved one and gyrate to some rootsy melodies from the king of British neo soul

omar simplify singleThis two-track release from Omar, the king of British neo soul, features something old and something new(ish).

The new(ish) is a reggae reworking of Simplify by DJ and MC Scratch Professer. This opening track from Omar’s 2013 album The Man is given a hip-gyrating treatment by Omar’s brother.

As irie as Simplify is, it’s the B-side that really stands out. Get Away is an unreleased song dating from 1994, although it sounds so contemporary it could’ve been recorded yesterday. It features all those familiar Omar hallmarks, like his distinct layered harmonies and tight boss nova-tinged rhythms.

On this page is a sample of both tunes, plus a couple of full-length videos.

Buy Simplify from iTunes, Kudos Records and all good stores.

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Get Away sampleSimplify (Rootickal Re Twist) sample
Freestyle Records
Track listing
1. Simplify (Rootickal Re Twist)
2. Get Away



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