Slowly Rolling Camera album – Slowly Rolling Camera

The self-titled debut album from this Cardiff-based four-piece will appeal to fans of The Cinematic Orchestra and beyond…

slowly_rolling_camera_albumAlongside the likes of Nightmares on Wax and Kruder & Dorfmeister, The Cinematic Orchestra pioneered a form of downbeat stylings that exhibited a jazzy sensibility. But it sometimes seems that with each new project from Jason Swinscoe’s outfit, there’s been a smidgen less improv and alot more folk influences. This evolution has left a creative vacuum for others to fill, which is where Slowly Rolling Camera fits in.

The eponymous debut album from this Cardiff-based four-piece has echoes of early Cinematic Orchestra – from the shuffling rhythms of Protagonist to the string-swept instrumental Rolling Clouds. By melding jazzy melodies with downbeat rhythms, pianist-composer Dave Stapleton, alongside producer Andy Allan (of Portishead and Massive Attack fame), have done an admirable job filling an artistic void left by the likes of Swinscoe and his ilk.

Listen to the entire album on this page, before popping over to Slowly Rolling Camera’s Bandcamp page to download or buy the CD.

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Slowly Rolling Camera album



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