So Many Ways Remixed album – Lay-Far

Listen to the likes of Atjazz, Ashley Beedle and Phil Asher remix Lay-Far’s superb 2013 album So Many Ways

So Many Ways Remixed  Lay-FarIt’s odd that albums that are the best candidates for remix projects tend to be mediocre ones. It allows a remixer the chance to pluck the most striking grooves or vocals of an otherwise ordinary tune and breath new life into it.

So the chaps on this project had their work cut out because Alexander Lay-Far’s So Many Ways was one of the few outstanding releases of 2013; improving on the work of the Russian producer/DJ would be a tall order. Instead, this roster of DJs has opted to reinterpret Lay-Far’s songs, giving his tracks more of a dancefloor flavour.

Take Ashley Beedle’s remix of Yes You Can. It’s a dubby, club-focused version of the original, while Jonny Miller’s reworking of Summer Vacation is a stripped-down rendering of Lay-Far’s earlier track. In fact, expect this album to be a staple of many a DJ set this summer.

On this page listen to highlights from the entire LP, which also features remixes by the likes of Atjazz, Phil Asher and Positive Flow.

You can buy So Many Ways Remixed from iTunes, Amazon and all good specialist outlets.

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Lay-Far’s So Many Ways Remixed sample
Track listing
1 Stand Up with Pete Simpson (Atjazz Remix)
2 Yes You Can (Ashley Beedle Remix)
3 When I’m Seeing You with Vicky Flint (Inkswel Remix)
4 Let Me Fly Away (Tommy Rawson Remix)
5 Summer Vacation with Yannah Valdevit (Jonny Miller Remix)
6 That Dream (Thatmanmonkz Gon’ Git You Sucka Remix)
7 Yes You Can (Kaytronik Rub)
8 A Little Faith with Peter Oakden (D-Malice Afro Expression)
9 When I’m Seeing You with Vicky Flint (Red Rack’Em Extended Remix)
10 Can’t Deny with Souled & Yannah Valdevit (Phil Asher Extended Remix)
11 We Are The Drum (Peter Oakden & Craig Smith Remix)
12 So Many Years with Sarah Winton (Aroop Roy Remix)
13 A Piece Of Devotion (Positive Flow Remix)