Standing In The Light single by Mez feat. Jonny Sass – free music download

Download this free progressive soul track Standing In The Light by the mysterious Austrian producer Mez and singer Jonny Sass

Blue Note pianist Robert Glasper has a knack of inspiring his non-jazzy peers to make great music. Dela’s Robert Glasper Beat Tape was among the best free releases of 2010 and this free single, by publicity-shy Austrian producer Mez (aka Mezuian), is just as impressive.

What’s the Glasper connection? Well, the drums from Standing In The Light are a Glasper sample, although the vocals are 100% original courtesy of fellow Austrian Jonny Sass.

The pair are due to drop an EP later this year. In fact, The Right Way (on this page) is slated to be on it.

Enjoy and download Standing In The Light here.

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Download Standing In The Light
The Right Way from the forthcoming EP



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