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  • Rollover movie review

    Rollover movie review

    Did the panned ’80s flick foresee the financial meltdown? Economists have, with some justification, been criticised for not foreseeing the current economic crisis. Hollywood, it seems, may have done a better job. Flawed financial thriller Rollover culminates in the collapse of world currencies as the value of stock markets plummets. In 1981 when it was […]

  • Black Gold movie review

    Black Gold movie review

    Although this documentary is about coffee, it doesn’t give you tips on brewing the perfect cuppa. No, it tries to clarify and add meaning to those well-intentioned but largely opaque phrases like “trade not aid”. The film focuses on Tadesse Meskela, the manager of a farmers’ co-op in Ethiopia, who tirelessly brokers deals with coffee […]