The did these come out? mix Domu

The ‘did these come out?’ mix – Domu

Mix of unheard broken beat rarities and dubplates from the depths of Domu’s hard drive.

Under his Sonar’s Ghost moniker, Dominic Stanton (aka Domu) uploaded this mix comprising “some things kicking around on my drives that may be of interest”. And it certainly will be of interest to those who are partial to some broken beats (and a smidgen of jazz funk) because, as the title suggests, most of these songs have never been heard, let alone released.

In the absence of any track listing, it’s difficult to know who penned these songs, although a vocalist who sounds suspiciously like Bembe Segue appears on an Acid Jazz interlude and there’s unquestionably some Kaidi Tatham-like chords sprinkled among the selection.

Sadly, the publicity-shy Domu says this mix is “probably the last thing I’ll put up for a good while”, so enjoy it while you can.

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The ‘did these come out?’ mix by Domu



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