Kaidi Tatham

The Extrovert City EP – Kaidi Tatham

Jazzy broken beats and boogie by the former Bugz in the Attic and 4hero keyboardist

Extrovert City Kaidi TathamYou don’t need a degree in economics to know that demand for Kaidi Tatham’s output exceeds supply. Songs by the one-time Bugz in the Attic and 4hero keyboardist are snapped up quicker than a new iPhone. The 12″ vinyl of his EP The Extrovert City sold out within hours of being released. Hoovered up.

No worries. For those left with the digital download, the title track features Kaidi’s familiar jazzy Rhodes over shuffling rhythms. Next, a hip-hopy backdrop underpins Mister Seahorse, while final song The Shadow Ain’t Going Nowhere showcases the pianist’s sprightly hi hats darting beneath harmonious vocal lines.

Listen to the EP here, before heading to 2000Black’s Bandcamp page or the likes of Kudos Records and Juno to buy the EP.

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The Extrovert City EP by Kaidi Tatham
Kaidi Tatham on Bandcamp
The Extrovert City EP track listing
1. The Extrovert City
2. Mister Seahorse
3. The Shadow Ain’t Going Nowhere



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