Dego The More Things Stay The Same

The More Things Stay The Same album – Dego

Listen to The More Things Stay The Same, Dennis ‘Dego’ McFarlane sophomore album that spans boogie, broken beats, jazz funk and neo soul

The More Things Stay The Same  - DegoDennis ‘Dego’ McFarlane, one half of esteemed strings ‘n’ bass duo 4hero, has released a follow-up to his superb (an oddly entitled) album A Wha’ Him Deh Pon?.

On the strength of that splendid 2011 LP and the various EPs he’s released since, Dego has rightly amassed a sizeable following that won’t be disappointed by The More Things Stay The Same. Its 12 tracks span the various monikers Dego works under.

Fans of his Silhouette Brown project will love vocal tracks Own It and Shine A Light, while those who dig his frequent collaborations with keyboardist Kaidi Tatham will be shuffling their feet to the rollicking jazz funk of We’ve Been Here Before. In fact, such is the high standard of Dego’s work, he rarely puts a foot wrong here.

The More Things Stay The Same is, in his words, “a collection of soulful, mid-tempo melodies laced with warm synths [and] impeccable beats”, ably supported by long-time collaborator Akwasi Mensah, former Bugz In The Attic member Matt Lord, UK rapper Ty and vocalist Sharlene Hector of Basement Jaxx fame.

Hear the entire album on this page, alongside a video for It Don’t Get No Better, which features some nifty dance moves.

Vinyl versions of the LP have already sold out, but digital downloads are available from the usual outlets including Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

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Dego’s The More Things Stay The Same

Track listing
1. Feminist Meetings
2. Greed & Power
3. It Don’t Get No Better
4. Keep It Moving Right
5. Own It
6. Shine A Light
7. Star Track 7
8. The Middle Ground (feat. Ty)
9. We’ve Been Here Before
10. The Stronghold Of Lithius
11. The Writings Clear
12. Help Me Out



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