The Third Adam album preview – Nu Era (Marc Mac)

Previewing The Third Adam, a new electronic album by 4hero’s Marc Mac

nu_eraWhen Dego and Marc Mac pair up to form 4hero, they create an inimitable sound comprising lush strings and intricate rhythms. But apart, their solo work is quite different. Dego’s A Wha’ Him Deh Pon?, for example, leans towards soulful broken beats, while Marc Mac’s tunes have a markedly more analogue hip hop quality.

This is evident in Marc Mac’s new album The Third Adam, which resurrects his ‘Nu Era’ moniker. As you’ll hear, it’s electronica that, at times, is distinctly retro. Listen intently and you’ll (unsurprisingly) detect hints of 4hero-like harmonies, too.

The Third Adam is released on limited-edition CD and digital download on 27 May 2013 on Omniverse Records.

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