This Thing Of Ours… album review – Fanatix

Back in the day, an artist only had to knock out eight or nine songs before releasing an LP. (Wasn’t Off The Wall 45 minutes long?) But with CDs, musicians feel compelled to give punters value for money, which means This Thing Of Ours… weighs in at 16 tracks. With so many tunes to wade through, it’s easy to overlook such soulful gems as Morroccan [sic] Black, In Your Arms, Casa Cabana and Love Connection. But, on first inspection, you will. Mixed among these standout songs are lots of sunny house tunes that appear to share the same tempo and character. This homogeneous quality does producers Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce a disservice because, at times, one track appears to blend into another. What fortunately prevents this album from being another four-to-the-floor chore is its smooth, well-buffed production, coupled with capable input from vocalists such as Shaun Escoffery, Kadija Kamara and Alex Mills. It’s a formula that makes This Thing Of Ours… an album all soul fans can enjoy, not just “fanatix”.

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