Domu (Dominic Stanton)

Unreleased And Remastered album preview – Sonar Circle (Dominic Stanton)

Dominic Stanton, the man of many monikers, marks his return to making music with a drum ‘n’ bass release on his own label

unreleased_and_remastered_sonar_circleDominic Stanton – aka Domu aka Umod aka… let’s just say he’s had a lot of aliases – retired from making music in 2009, and left tens of thousands of fans heartbroken.

Well, his fans can rejoice. It seems Dominic is back. But under what guise? At the moment it’s his drum ‘n’ bass persona, Sonar Circle, which has put out Unreleased And Remastered, an album of – you guessed it – unreleased and remastered tracks.

The digital album is released on Dominic’s new label Sonar’s Ghost, which bodes well for further songs that will be “made when time allows”.

Download the reasonably priced album from the Bandcamp page of Sonar’s Ghost.

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Sonar Circle’s Unreleased And Remastered



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