Bleecker leather-wrapped Tivoli radio – wireless AM/FM radio

In a world of plastic and aluminium gadgets, Tivoli’s leather-clad radio is a warm, tactile alternative

Tivoli Audio

Despite its Italian-sounding name*, Tivoli Audio is an American firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company has made its mark manufacturing radios with a distinctly retro quality.

A fondness for wood and oversized knobs and dials are the hallmarks of Tivoli radios. And now you can add leather to the mix. The audio brand has partnered with US accessories retailer Coach to create a limited-edition range.

Under this gadget’s leather-clad skin is Tivoli’s battery-powered PAL BT radio. It’s an AM/FM analogue tuner that can also stream music wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and MP3 players.

The leather-wrapped radio is $348 (sterling as yet unknown), while its nude cousin is $299 (£239.00).

*Tivoli is an ancient Italian town in Lazio.

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