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  • Vifa Copenhagen wireless speakers

    Vifa Copenhagen wireless speakers

    Introducing the Vifa Copenhagen wireless speakers, an unsung Danish firm’s attempt at creating devices that fuse style and substance Recommended price €899/£743/$1236 (approx.)   Websites Vifa design-people The Vifa Copenhagen is the kind of boombox a Scandinavian designer would covet. More accurately, it’s a wireless speaker that will reproduce the MP3s on your smartphone, tablet […]

  • Sennheiser Momentum on-ear – headphones

    Sennheiser Momentum on-ear – headphones

    A legit hi-fi brand sashays into the fashionable world of multicoloured headphones Price £170.00 (approx. $230.00)   Website Sennheiser Headphone brands that provide models in different colours are not stellar in the sonic stakes. Manufacturers concerned with high fidelity don’t give a rat’s arse whether their ‘phones match your favourite colour. Hence, proper headphone firms […]

  • Bleecker leather-wrapped Tivoli radio – wireless AM/FM radio

    Bleecker leather-wrapped Tivoli radio – wireless AM/FM radio

    In a world of plastic and aluminium gadgets, Tivoli’s leather-clad radio is a warm, tactile alternative Websites Coach Tivoli Audio Despite its Italian-sounding name*, Tivoli Audio is an American firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company has made its mark manufacturing radios with a distinctly retro quality. A fondness for wood and oversized knobs and […]

  • TDK Boombox / Life on Record range – audio systems

    TDK Boombox / Life on Record range – audio systems

    TDK’s Life on Record range  audio gear revisits the ’80s for inspiration Website Ziba TDK, a company better known for analogue cassette tapes, is launching Life on Record, a glossy black range of products made with the help of Portland-based design house Ziba. “Digilog” — a mixture of “digital and analogue” — is the term […]

  • All-in-one audio systems – high-end hi-fi

    All-in-one audio systems – high-end hi-fi

    A look at why exclusive hi-fi brands are embracing the iPod generation Info Naim Uniti Star From approx. £3,299.00 Linn’s digital-streaming systems start at Approx. £1,750.00 Arcam Solo Music / miniBlink Approx. £1,299.00 / £90.00 Back in the ’80s when CDs began superseding vinyl among music lovers, the question raging among audiophiles was which format […]