Kaidi Tatham

In Search Of Hope album review – Kaidi Tatham

Kaidi, like other broken beat practitioners, shuns the limelight. But if you’ve been paying attention during the past decade, you would’ve heard his Hancock-esque keyboard playing on tracks by Bugz In The Attic, 2000 Black, DKD and Silhouette Brown.

In Search Of Hope is a departure from his previous work, being decidedly jazzier. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, like the splendid A Next Set A Rockers — a Commercial Break Album of the Year — In Search Of Hope is a Japan-only release, which means it’s expensive for many. And, once you’ve settled down with the disc, it’s all over in 40 minutes. A bit premature.

No doubt Kaidi has little control over such commercial matters. However, in areas where he does wield influence, he excels. Perhaps because he’s a trained musician, his work displays a level of complexity and sophistication that’s absent in much nu jazz.

Take These Things Will Pass, a mid-tempo jazz-funk joint enveloped in velvety strings and woodwind arrangements; or So Amazed, where Kaidi’s brisk chords punctuate a frenetic, piano-led instrumental. In fact there isn’t a bad track here. So what if In Search Of Hope is a little short? Never mind the length, feel the quality.

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Track listing
1. In Search Of Hope (part 1)
2. Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid)
3. Do What You Gotta Do
4. Could I Ever Know?
5. He Laughs She Cries
6. So Amazed
7. I’m High
8. Simiya
9. On A Vibe
10. These Things Will Pass
11. In Search Of Hope (part 2)