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  • Brixton Baby video – Ty

    Brixton Baby video – Ty

    From the UK rapper’s A Work of Heart LP comes a song exploring a phenomenon that’s uprooting scores of communities This video is about the gentrification of Brixton, although Ty could just as easily have been rapping about Brooklyn, New York or East Palo Alto, California. Those areas, like the south London enclave, have witnessed […]

  • Escapee album – Daniel Casimir

    Escapee album – Daniel Casimir

    Mini album from an up-and-coming bassist whose songs will appeal as much to neo soul fans as jazz heads Having performed with many notable musicians, including pianists Lonnie Liston Smith, Julian Joseph and fellow Jazz Re:freshed labelmate Ashley Henry, bassist Daniel Casimir takes centre stage with a five-track debut album. The graduate from the Trinity […]

  • Trope 5ive album – Trope

    Trope 5ive album – Trope

    Jazz, soul and a hint of prog rock from a UK quintet that’s not afraid to experiment With amiable, catchy tunes increasingly drowning out more challenging fare, it’s difficult to see how Trope’s voice will be heard amid a sea of sameness. The output from this progressive five-piece is ambitious, inventive and devoid of any […]

  • TriForce 5ive album – TriForce

    TriForce 5ive album – TriForce

    Listen to a jazzy (and often funky) mini album by a young British quartet on the Jazz Re:freshed label This year’s Mobo Awards led onlookers to believe the UK’s creative well had run dry. However, only a week after the “urban” gong show, TriForce 5ive was released and proved there was indeed hidden depths to […]

  • Ashley Henry’s 5ive album – Ashley Henry

    Ashley Henry’s 5ive album – Ashley Henry

    A five-track album by a promising British jazz pianist who has a fondness for hip hop By most accounts hip hop is at least three decades old, which means there’s a generation of jazz musician that’s grown up with rap, the same way their parents were raised on rock or R&B. So it’s no surprise […]

  • Jazz Re:freshed Scrapbook – book and album

    Jazz Re:freshed Scrapbook – book and album

    Promoters Adam “Rock” Moses and Justin “TopRock” McKenzie release Jazz Re:freshed Scrapbook, a publication (and free CD) celebrating 11 years of their live jazz night in London The promoters behind the live music night Jazz Re:freshed are marking 11 years of running the London jazz club with a celebratory book and accompanying CD. The Jazz […]

  • Whole Other* album – Richard Spaven

    Whole Other* album – Richard Spaven

    Listen to Whole Other*, the first full-length album by jazzy UK drummer Richard Spaven, a musician who’s worked with 4hero, Mark de Clive-Lowe and The Cinematic Orchestra Even though you may not know his name, you’ve almost certainly heard Richard Spaven’s musicianship. The UK drummer has played with a host of artists, including 4hero, Mark […]

  • Cosm’ethic album preview – Tommaso Cappellato & Astral Travel

    Cosm’ethic album preview – Tommaso Cappellato & Astral Travel

    Italian drummer Tommaso Cappellato and his band Astral Travel put in a stellar performance for their new soulful jazz album London-based musos Adam “Rock” Moses and Justin “TopRock” McKenzie, who run the Jazz Re:freshed label, have been releasing top-notch compilations and mini albums that highlight artists likes of 4hero drummer Richard Spaven and former Bugz […]

  • Kaidi’s 5ive album preview – Kaidi Tatham

    Kaidi’s 5ive album preview – Kaidi Tatham

    Jazz Re:freshed releases a mini album by broken beat and nu jazz maestro Kaidi Tatham Any Kaidi Tatham release is noteworthy, even a short one. At five-tracks long, Kaidi’s 5ive is small, but so is its price at just £5. This album follows on from Spaven’s 5ive, the first release from Adam “Rock” Moses and […]

  • Spaven’s 5ive album preview – Richard Spaven

    Spaven’s 5ive album preview – Richard Spaven

    Previewing a five-track debut album by a drummer who’s worked with the likes of The Cinematic Orchestra, 4hero and Mark de Clive-Lowe Adam “Rock” Moses and Justin “TopRock” McKenzie — who compiled Jazz Re:freshed Vol. 1 — are launching a series of five-track albums under the banner 5ive. The first CD comes courtesy of drummer […]