Junkyard Gods album review – Two Banks Of Four

There wouldn’t be a broken beat or nu-jazz scene without the likes of Earl Zinger and Demus (of Galliano and the Young Disciples fame, respectively). Both were trailblazers of acid jazz, a genre that spawned numerous soulful incarnations. Intriguingly, this CD stirs up memories of those heydays. Maybe it’s the waltzy backdrop of Queen Of Crows or the Pharoah Sanders-like Shadowlands that’s so recognisable. Whatever it is, Junkyard Gods evokes so much nostalgia that it should’ve been pressed on vinyl. Songs like Go and Wake Me 5.30 hark back to an age that wasn’t afraid to experiment with intricate melodies and acoustic instrumentation. Junkyard Gods benefits from such boldness as it salvages treasured elements from the past.

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Two Banks Of Four
Sonar Kollektiv label



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