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  • On The Move single – Anthony Joseph

    On The Move single – Anthony Joseph

    Effervescent jazz meets spoken word courtesy of a skilled lyricist A Trinidadian poet with a doctorate in creative writing is not the typical CV of a recording artist, but urbane Parisienne label Heavenly Sweetness probably counts such erudite credentials as a plus. Add to the mix UK saxophonist Jason Yarde and you have the makings […]

  • Palmares Fantasy album – Sean Khan

    Palmares Fantasy album – Sean Khan

    UK saxophonist joins forces with a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist to create an LP of jazz, Latin and modal goings-on For many, Sean Khan is known for being the “SK” in SK Radicals, which produced the 2001 album When Will We Belong. The UK saxophonist was deep into the west London broken beat scene, working with the […]

  • Murmuration album – The Expansions

    Murmuration album – The Expansions

    Sumptuous jazz-funk and kindred grooves by busy UK outfit Jazz funk, which originated in the ’70s, never really died it just laid low. The genre’s most obvious reincarnation was Acid jazz in the ’80s, then came ’90s broken beats and, most recently, it’s been revived in the work of Yussef Kamaal and the 22a label. […]

  • A Humdrum Star album – GoGo Penguin

    A Humdrum Star album – GoGo Penguin

    Jazz with a contemporary twist from the second Blue Note album by the Manchester-based trio The fractured beats of drummer Rob Turner in the above video Bardo hints at what makes this UK trio so appealing. On the surface GoGo Penguin sounds like a traditional jazz outfit, but dig a little deeper and it’s clear […]

  • 8R1CK C17Y album – Tenderlonious and Dennis Ayler

    8R1CK C17Y album – Tenderlonious and Dennis Ayler

    Understated south London label releases a fine LP of jazz funk and fusion Yussef Kamaal’s debut LP, Black Focus, was so well received in 2016 that it’s surprising the pair disbanded. That leaves a gaping void for their modern take on jazz funk and fusion that proved so popular. Enter south London label 22a, which […]

  • Escapee album – Daniel Casimir

    Escapee album – Daniel Casimir

    Mini album from an up-and-coming bassist whose songs will appeal as much to neo soul fans as jazz heads Having performed with many notable musicians, including pianists Lonnie Liston Smith, Julian Joseph and fellow Jazz Re:freshed labelmate Ashley Henry, bassist Daniel Casimir takes centre stage with a five-track debut album. The graduate from the Trinity […]

  • How jazz inspired hip hop – video

    How jazz inspired hip hop – video

    Short video explaining the symbiotic relationship between jazz and hip hop Website Jazz Night In America:NPR Back in the early ’90s, outfits such as the Digable Planets tried to meld jazz with hip hop by rapping over improvising musicians. Almost 20 years later, however, it’s clear that producers such as J Dilla — who created […]

  • Trope 5ive album – Trope

    Trope 5ive album – Trope

    Jazz, soul and a hint of prog rock from a UK quintet that’s not afraid to experiment With amiable, catchy tunes increasingly drowning out more challenging fare, it’s difficult to see how Trope’s voice will be heard amid a sea of sameness. The output from this progressive five-piece is ambitious, inventive and devoid of any […]

  • TriForce 5ive album – TriForce

    TriForce 5ive album – TriForce

    Listen to a jazzy (and often funky) mini album by a young British quartet on the Jazz Re:freshed label This year’s Mobo Awards led onlookers to believe the UK’s creative well had run dry. However, only a week after the “urban” gong show, TriForce 5ive was released and proved there was indeed hidden depths to […]

  • Black Focus album – Yussef Kamaal

    Black Focus album – Yussef Kamaal

    There’s something decidedly old fashioned about this young duo comprising drummer Yussef Dayes and keyboardist Kamaal Williams (aka Henry Wu). Jazz funk and broken beats are the labels most often attached to their work, genres that had their heydays 30 and 10 years ago respectively. That attitude extends to how they approach music making. Like […]