The Expansions

Murmuration album – The Expansions

Sumptuous jazz-funk and kindred grooves by busy UK outfit

Murmuration The ExpansionsJazz funk, which originated in the ’70s, never really died it just laid low. The genre’s most obvious reincarnation was Acid jazz in the ’80s, then came ’90s broken beats and, most recently, it’s been revived in the work of Yussef Kamaal and the 22a label.

Murmuration by The Expansions, however, doesn’t hide its jazz-funk roots; it’s there for all to hear on such high-tempo grooves as Pocket 5 and Ivory Mountain. The Brit funk of the latter complements the (Herbie) Hancock-esque Dragonfly and the more laid-back soul-jazz of Cannonball and Miles Away.

Continuing the retro theme, the quartet’s tracks have a vinyl-like warmth born of being recorded in single takes with minimal overdubs.

On this page are three tracks and a video from Murmuration, which can be bought from all major outlets here.

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Ivory Mountain
Pocket 5
Track listing
1. Breakthrough
2. Pocket 5
3. Cannonball
4. Ivory Mountain
5. Dragonfly
6. Miles Away



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