One Sweet Life album review – Brotherly

Even if you’re steeped in the hip environs of the leftfield music scene, you may not know of Robin Mullarkey and Anna Stubbs, aka Brotherly. Their anonymity will not doubt continue if, as Commercial Break’s been told, this CD remains misleadingly plonked in the R&B section of some stores. True, this is a vocal album, but what underpins the duo’s sound is a gloriously disjointed fusion of jazzy melodies and fractured beats; a formula that will regretfully put some folks off. Persist, however, and you’ll realise that this is one of the finest recordings of this year (or last). From its tempo-shifting opener System to the all-too-brief title track, the album’s smothered with deft details that unravel with every listen. It’s clever, it’s classy — and it’s categorically not R&B.[one_half]Album sample[mp3t track=”onesweetlife.mp3″ title=””]