Strictly For My Negus single by Daniel Crawford — free music download

Alongside a free Roy Ayers-inspired download, jazz pianist Daniel Crawford releases a track Robert Glasper fans will love

the_awakening_daniel_deshonDaniel Crawford is a jazz pianist who clearly reveres the late DJ/hip-hop producer J. Dilla. In fact, he’s released not one but three J. Dilla tribute albums in the past.

Now, however, Daniel is forging a different path. His beautiful single Strictly For My Negus is from his forthcoming album The Awakening and is reminiscent of another jazz pianist with a fondness for hip hop, Robert Glasper.

Listen closely to Strictly For My Negus and you’ll hear Glasper-like chords drifting over Daniel’s mid-tempo rhythms.

There’s no news on when The Awakening will be released. However, in the meantime, Daniel has uploaded a free download of his remake of Roy Ayers’ We Live In Brooklyn, Baby. Daniel’s version is entitled We Live In LA and was prompted by the uproar surrounding the verdict of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You can download it here.

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Strictly For My Negus by Daniel Crawford
We Live In LA by Daniel Crawford



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