2000Black dego Sunday Avuncular EP

Sunday Avuncular EP – 2000 Black (Dego)

Jazzy chords and dance rhythms combine as one half of 4hero joins forces with keyboardist Kaidi

Sunday Avuncular EP 2000BlackDego, of 4hero and Silhouette Brown fame, tends to tease his fans with a couple of EPs a year. Each release displays a brand of boogie and funk that has few imitators and many admirers.

Jazzy chords and dance rhythms combine on this three-track EP, which Dego co-wrote and produced with regular collaborators Kaidi Tatham and Mr Mensah (of Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks).

The pounding beats of Sunday Avuncular gives woofers a workout, while Bauxite, Gypsum & Limestone bounces merrily to a walking bassline. The tempo then dips slightly as the EP concludes with the jaunty Mononymous Persons.

All tracks can be sampled on this page, before you part with your hard-earned cash at the 2000 Black Bandcamp site. Songs are available as digital downloads and on vinyl.

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2000Black label
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Track listing
1. Sunday Avuncular
2. Bauxite, Gypsum & Limestone
3. Mononymous Persons