The Robert Glasper Beat Tape by Dela – free music download

For fans of jazz and hip hop, Montréal beatmaker Dela has produced the best beat tape of 2010… and it’s free

Many jazz musicians profess to understand hip hop, but most don’t. That’s what makes Robert Glasper unique. He gets hip hop. The jazz pianist has worked with rappers, such as Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, Common and Slum Village.

The Blue Note artist manages to bridge both worlds, as heard on the Brownswood recording (below) of his trio, which played at the 2010 Worldwide Awards in London.

The Robert Glasper Trio in concert at the 2010 Worldwide Awards in London

It was therefore only a matter of time before someone thrust Glasper’s own music even closer to hip hop — and that person was Montréal beatmaker Dela. He created 2010’s best beat tape, The Robert Glasper Beat Tape, which comprised samples from Glasper’s recordings.

On this page you can listen to the mix and if you like it, download The Robert Glasper Beat Tape for free.

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