Vifa Copenhagen wireless speakers

Introducing the Vifa Copenhagen wireless speakers, an unsung Danish firm’s attempt at creating devices that fuse style and substance

Recommended price
€899/£743/$1236 (approx.)

The Vifa Copenhagen is the kind of boombox a Scandinavian designer would covet. More accurately, it’s a wireless speaker that will reproduce the MP3s on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Vifa isn’t a household name, although there’s a chance you may be unknowingly using its gear. That’s because the Danish firm says it’s been “a preferred supplier of loudspeaker units for many well-known high-end brands” for the past 80 years.

Its Copenhagen speaker is the manufacturer’s first bid to move from wholesale supplier to high-end retailer. Its minimalist design is the product of a collaboration between Vifa and Danish design consultancy design-people. The result is an understated device that beautifully combines monochromatic textiles with matte polished aluminium.

The Vifa Copenhagen is the kind of boombox a Scandinavian designer would covet

But Vifa isn’t just selling a speaker, it’s selling a lifestyle. The fact the Copenhagen was launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair rather than some consumer electronics shindig reflects Vifa’s desire to make a speaker “that integrates itself gently in people’s lives and homes”. With this in mind, it comes in six colours, such as “sunset red” and “anthracite grey”.

When the speaker is launched in spring 2014, it’ll come with a recommended price tag of €899. For that, you’ll get a wide range of wireless and analogue connectivity options, which are all linked to “digital pure path amplifiers”.

If there’s a clean sound to match its clean looks, the Copenhagen will transform Vifa from unsung component producer to bonafide tastemaker.

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