jazz refreshed

Jazz Re:freshed live music night

London’s Jazz Re:freshed night is one of the UK’s best kept secrets

There’s much to do in London, but when it comes to seeing soulful, jazzy music, you have to look beyond Ticketmaster outlets. Fortunately, promoters Adam “Rock” Moses and Justin “TopRock” McKenzie are on hand. Their compilation Jazz Re:freshed Vol. 1 gives punters a taste of what to expect at their weekly gig, Jazz Re:freshed, at the Mau Mau Bar on London’s Portobello Rd.

Artists who have appeared range from broken beat maestro Kaidi Tatham to jazz-funk stalwarts Light of the World. Oh, and entry is a recession-busting £5.

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Pic: Keyboardist Mark de Clive-Lowe at Jazz Re:freshed
Mau Mau Bar, 265 Portobello Rd, London W11, England
Every Thursday, 7-11pm
Jazz Re:freshed



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